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Why does my Video or Reelz look "glitchy"?

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Why does my Video/Reelz look "glitchy"?

Why does my video or reels look glitchy?

So every once in a while, there's an export problem and you know something is maybe not as high quality as it should be. I would say that that is the exception and not the rule. Most often it is usually a streaming issue.

So it has to do with your streaming speed and things like that. So the way to tell if it is a streaming issue or if it is a if it is an actual video quality issue. You can go into the marketing kit or if you have the link. Go ahead and download a copy of the video to your hard drive. If you just click on download video. Once that's done, you can open it and the highest quality video that we put out there should be downloaded onto your computer.

So please before you call us and say my video doesn't look right, it's glitchy. most often it is a streaming speed issue and not the video itself. So if you have questions about that, please let us know. Thanks.


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