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Do I Own the Photos/Media from my Shoot?

We retain ownership of all photo & video, and license any ordered media to our partners to use to market the property. The license is good until the property sells, the listing expires, or one year, whichever happens sooner. This license is non-transferrable to another agent, homeowner, client etc.

This copyright license is similar to when you purchase a song from iTunes. You pay for the RIGHT to listen to the song, but you don't own the song and it isn't your song to sell to others.

Photos used for any purpose not directly related to the sale or rental of the property must be with the express permission of in-house media. This means that if you want to use the photos for your personal branding (on your social, web pages, print media, etc) for purposes promoting YOU and not necessarily that particular listing, we just ask you to get permission AND provide us photo credit wherever they are used.


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