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What is the Marketing Kit and should I get it?

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Here is a quick video to guide you in maximizing the marketing kit to its full potential

What is a marketing kit?

The marketing kit is an upgraded option for our customers. We have a lot of clients and our standard delivery is just the delivery only method. A marketing kit gives you extra tools to make your life just a little bit easier.

The additional features of the marketing kit allows you to get a fully branded and unbranded property. A lot of people use the unbranded version and they use this entire link to post in the MLS. The benefit of doing that is that you will link out to the highest resolution version of all of your photos and any other media products that you got.

Access to customizable templates

These property websites are fully customizable, so you can make them look and feel any way you want. There's various templates available for you that you can customize. The kit also gives you access to the highest resolution of all of the options, all of the media that you received. That is one of the benefits of the marketing kit or the property websites.

The second benefit to the marketing kit is that you get links that you can use. Use for posting your videos on social. If you don't get the marketing kit you still, have the video, you can still download it, but you don't get a link that you can use both in the MLS or on Facebook or other places that you want to post it. This link is active for a year and there's just nothing you have to do.

The third benefit is the there are pre-made social media templates for your posting. You can put headshot, and logo.

The last thing is that you get these little slideshows. It's basically a rolling slideshow of all of the videos or all of the photos that we had delivered to you.

You can take out any of the photos that you want. You can even change the speed that the slideshow scrolls.

If you have any questions about that please let us know. There's tons of things that you could go into that we could go into about customization of this, but that is what the marketing kit is and how you would use it in benefits to it.


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